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    • Step 1 - Fill out and print our shipping form.
    • Step 2 - Ship your regulator or control board to us.
    • Step 3 - You will be contacted when your repairs have been completed and to arrange payment and return shipping.


    • Standard repair includes: testing, pc board and keypad repair, and cleaning
    • TEST ONLY - There is a test fee of $35-$50(higher for complex controls). Boards received that test as "NTF" (No Trouble Found) are charged this fee.
    • Factory Direct Prices Shown - RE-SELLERS (Gen Set, Marine & RV Dealers/Distributors/Repair Shops) call for your Discounted Pricing!
    • "P" = PLUS PARTS. Required components over $10 each are extra charge, will be itemized on the invoice. Other required components and material are included in the rebuild price at no extra charge.