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    About Us

    Flight Systems, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Robert Shaffner and Robert York. We are proud to continue their vision of manufacturing superior electronics to this day. Currently, our primary focus is aftermarket controls for the power generation market. We manufacture a wide range of aftermarket controls for RV and standby power generators, as well as power transfer switch controls. We also offer a wide range of repair service options. We are proud to offer our proprietary GenStart firmware in all our standby generator controllers. We are proud to offer American made products, which are all manufactured at our headquarters in Mechanicsburg, PA. Our engineering process is completed 100% on-site. We design the circuit schematic, create mechanical drawings, artwork, firmware, software, assembly procedures, test procedures, and test equipment in-house.

    Here is a glimpse into our production process:

    Circuit Boards

    The assembly of our products starts with a blank circuit board. We purchase high quality circuit boards, cut to size, with our design layout already etched. All other assembly is done in-house by Flight Systems.


    Blank boards that require surface mount components are first routed through our pasting process. Pasting is done by squeezing solder paste through a stencil that contains cutouts for all of the pads that need solder applied. The machine pictured here aligns the stencil to the board to be pasted using very accurate cameras. Once the marks are aligned, a squeegee spreads the solder paste over the stencil. This allows for accurate, repeatable results every time. We can virtually eliminiate solder bridging between components this way.
    Pick and Place

    SMT Placer

    Once a board has been pasted, it transitions to the surface mount placer. This machine takes components from reels and picks them up using an array of vacuum nozzles. Each part is scanned by a camera and rotated to line up with the pads that it belongs on. Again, in this step, accuracy is the key. As each board passes through the series of machines, each surface mount component is placed, until the board is fully populated. Any surface mount components that can not be placed using the machine will be placed by a technician using tweezers. At this stage, the board is inspected for any misplaced or shifted parts. The board is then run through a conveyor style oven. This step causes the solder paste to liquefy and connect the part to the board. During the journey through the oven, the temperature is highly controlled. This allows for a properly flowed solder joint without heat-damaging the components.

    Selective Solder

    Most boards will also require through-hole components, such as connectors, relays, and various other parts. These boards are run through our selective solder process. Through-hole component leads are trimmed to a specific size and then loaded into the board. The board is then placed into a selective solder machine. This machine passes a fountain of solder underneath the board along a programmed path to solder the components to the board. Rather than a wave soldering process that will touch the entire underside of the board, selective solder allows more control over soldering points. This, in turn, allows better temperature control of the circuit board and parts.
    Selective Soldering
    Hand Assembly

    Hand Production

    Some boards will also need larger components, such as transformers, assembled by hand. During this step, the production team will solder the parts to the board using a soldering iron. After all soldering is done, each board will be inspected and tested.


    All boards and controllers produced by Flight Systems go through extensive testing before and after they are coated or encapsulated. This ensures initial functionality as well as continued functionality after the coating or encapsulation has flowed between and under parts. All of our test equipment is built in-house by our engineers. This allows full control over how boards get tested. All functions of the board are tested using a mock-up of the equipment that the product will be installed on.


    Our repair department troubleshoots and repairs many manufacturer's controllers and boards. Our repairs cost a fraction of what board replacement may cost. Many customers utilize our repair services to keep their obsolete controls in service. Without our repair capabilities, many generators would need to be completely replaced due to obsolete control systems.

    Management and Accounting– Meet our People

    Bob York rds-memorial
    Robert York and Robert Shaffner

    Anthony Misiti
    Anthony Misiti
    President & CEO
    Send Anthony an email

    Elaine Brady
    Elaine Brady
    Send Elaine an email

    Customer Service – Meet our People

    Match a face to a voice or e-mail

    Although you can communicate and order from Flight Systems electronically, when you phone us, your call is answered by a person not a computer! Here are some of the customer service folks you'll talk to:

    Tom Altigieri
    Tom Altigieri
    Sales Manager and COO
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    Courtney Hanson
    Courtney Hanson
    Service Sales Representative
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    Keith Hendricks
    Keith Hendricks
    Sales Representative
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    Hillary Baker
    Hillary Baker
    Purchasing and Customer Service
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    Technical Support – Meet our People

    You can send a general email to the Flight Systems tech support staff here or you can email a specific technician below:

    Tyler McFarland
    Onan Standby Controllers and ATS Controls, Non-Program (miscellaneous) Repairs
    Tyler is our repair department manager. His specialties include the PCC2100 controllers and OTEC ATS controls. He also brings new repair opportunities into the repair program.
    Send Tyler an email

    Troy Graybill
    Troy Graybill
    Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Controls – All Makes – Onan RV Tech Support
    Troy is our Senior Technician and has vast experience with all sorts of generator controls, from RV to large commercial standby units. He has extensive knowledge of the ATS systems we service from ASCO, GE-Zenith, Cutler-Hammer, Kohler & Onan.
    Send Troy an email

    Carrie Attinger
    Onan HDK Inverters, MPAC 1500, Generac Home Standby controllers
    Carrie specializes in repairs of the HDK QD Inverters and MPAC 1500 ATS controls. She also repairs the Onan PowerSentry ATS controls and Generac Evolution panels.
    Send Carrie an email

    Brian Clugston
    Brian Clugston
    Kohler and Generac Generator and ATS Controls – Generac E-Panel – Generac H-Panel – Katolight Controls – Cat-Olympian Controls – Universal Regulators
    Brian provides application assistance and fault diagnosis for Kohler Generator and ATS controls made from the 1970’s to today. Another of his specialties is the Generac E Panel. Brian is an expert at specifying applications for our “Universal” voltage regulators.
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    Flight Systems Factory Representatives



    • Daven Co. Ltd
    • Pote Pasoog
    • 126/43 Soi Wat Ku
    • Chang Wattana Rd
    • Pakkred Notaburi 11120 Thailand
    • Tel +66 2 964 0878
    • Fax +66 2 964 0879


    • Norman G. Clark
    • Riki Tarau
    • (A/Asia) Pty.Ltd.
    • Tel +61 3 9450 8200
    • Fax +61 3 9450 8222

    Installing Distributors for Flight Systems Highway, Marine, and Industrial Controls


    (If no distributor listed for a particular global region, please contact FSHQ)


    Norman G. Clark (A/Asia) Pty. LTD
    P.O. Box 281
    West Heidelberg,
    Victoria 3081 Australia
    Tel: (01161) 3 9457 5833
    Fax: (01161) 3 9457 5781
    Contact: Rob Clark


    Daven Co. LTD
    126/43 Soi Wat Ku
    Chang Wattana Rd
    Pakkred Notaburi 11120 Thailand
    Tel: 66 2 964 0878
    Fax: 66 2 964 0879
    Contact: Pote Pasoog

    Flight System Testimonials

    About our CruisAir Service and Support

    • I recently purchased a SMK II key pad from your company for the air conditioner in my boat. Long story short my original key pad was not bad. Flight Systems was good enough to allow me to return the part I did not need. Not only that, but your service tech Dan Wellner, identified the correct part to fix my A/C unit AND even gave me the name of the part and the part number so I could buy the correct part and stop blindly throwing parts at my A/C unit. I installed the part and my A/C is working perfectly. In time where customer service is virtually non-existent, it was very refreshing to deal with a company whose employees really know the products they service and sell parts for...
      -Tom Pawlik

    About our Replacement Generator Controls

    • Onan or Flight Systems being your best sources for a replacement with my preference being Flight Systems, better quality part at a better price with a better warranty...

    About our Model 540 Standby Engine Controller

    • Chuck P and I wired up a Flight Systems 540 controller and your voltage regulator on his Onan generator last week. After we wired the new parts into his controller, ALL the bird nest of wires was gone. Just a few wires and I mean it looks nice, runs fine and is perfect. Chuck and I just sat there sitting side by side and stared at it all wired in with big grins on our faces. Speechless....

    About our Generator Controls Rebuilding Service

    • I sent Flight Systems a couple of regulators that no one else would even look at and they repaired both of them. Their prices were more than fair and their service and turn around time was excellent.
      -Danny T.

    About our Replacement Generator Controls

    • Just wanting to let you know how pleased I am with the engine controller that I purchased for my Onan generator. I bought a replacement for my OEM board two years ago, ran it thru some pretty tough tests and I liked how it performed. However, on October 4, 2006 we had the strongest electrical storm (a test that I couldn't simulate) since my OEM board replacement and your replacement 300-0681/82 board came out just fine!
    • I am impressed with the performance of the 681/82 board and have recommended your products to many others in the engine/generator business since installing your product in my genset. Great Product and exceptional support! Keep up the good work. My engine controller and the spare that I have are 2 of the first five boards made by Flight Systems and I am pleased to have had the chance to work with Tom field testing these retrofit boards. Thanks for your help,
      -Terry T.
    • The control board is better on start up than my generator ever ran, even when brand new 10 years ago. Slick sticks restored the contactor rings like new. My generator is perfect again, thanks to your great products and outstanding technical support.
    • Most pleased I've been with an internet supplier in ages.

    About our Generator Controls Rebuilding Service

    • Your rebuild department has always given me top notch service and has never let me down on any board. For that I want to thank you and my customer's thank you.
      -Rodney H.
    • Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciate the work that Flight Systems has done for me over a number of years. I have sent many different boards for primarily Onan, Kohler and Generac units to you for repair.
    • Each and every one of the people I have dealt with have been so very professional in their work. They have always done exactly what I have requested of them. I worked for Onan Corp. for 27 years and I must say I have had better performance on boards you have sent me than some new ones they have sent. Flight Systems has never sent me a defective board.
    • Please extend to your associates my appreciation for a job well done. It appears to me you have a fine organization there at Flight Systems and you have every reason to be proud of the team.
      -Jim H.

    About our Model 348 Universal Regulator

    • The construction of your dual 348 Regulator looks superb - I like how you potted the switch contacts. I can't imagine it ever giving trouble. It does a great job, as I've said before; I think this one stays more stabile through A/C cycles than the old Onan regulator. I probably have 75 hours on the dual setup now - no problems. It looks good in the box. This week I've been in New Orleans for Fox News Channel for Katrina anniversary stuff - your regulator fed Greta Van Susteren's show live Monday night, and Geraldo's show Tuesday, among others. Thanks!!
      -Chris K.

    About our Model 325 Generator Exercise Monitor

    • The G.E.M. is a well-designed product that works perfectly with our system! We'll be installing these at all our store locations!

    About our RV Generator Troubleshooting Guide

    • I just downloaded your RV Generator Troubleshooting guide. It has the answers I was looking for. Again thanks,

    Our Heritage – How We Got Our Name

    Flight Systems started over 50 years ago developing and producing then "state-of-the-art" electronic controls used in the aerospace program.


    Our equipment flew aboard Apollo 11 when Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon, Apollo 17 with Gene Cernan and the Lunar Rover, and several later Skylab missions.

    Apollo XVI Astronauts and Moon Rover

    1970 – Launched forklift solid state control services and spare parts, now a separate organization –

    1972 – Received Fairchild Quality Award for Skylab

    1973 – Received U.S. Government Defense Electronics Award for Quality and On-Time Deliver

    1978 – Began servicing generator controls for dealers servicing Publix and Winn Dixie supermarkets

    1980 – First installation of the Engine Saver® in Palabora mines in South Africa

    1982 – Began servicing automotive electronics - now a separate organization -

    1985 – Earned American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Certification for the Engine Saver.®

    1988 – Received a contract to remanufacture Chrysler vehicle electronics

    1991 – Received the first of seven Chrysler Outstanding Supplier Awards for quality and delivery.

    1993 – Received U.S. General Services Administration approval for our generator regulator controls

    1997 – Earned QS-9000 Quality Certification

    2002 – Earned ISO14001 Environmental Certification

    2003 – Earned TS16949 World Standard for Quality Certification

    2013 – Moved operations from Lewisberry, PA facility to Mechanicsburg, PA

    2018 – 50th anniversary of Flight Systems Inc.

    Our Products and Services

    For over 30 years we have supplied new replacement parts and rebuilt electronic controls for all types of gen sets. That includes regulators, start/stop controls, automatic switching controllers and engine monitors. We are the largest and longest established independent rebuilders of Generator Controls and we are proud of it.

    We offer dealers toll-free technical assistance on Onan®, Kohler®, ASCO®, and Generac® gen set and ATS control applications – 800-403-3728 (8am-4:00pm, ET, M-F) or via e-mail at Dealer/Professional Inquiry.


    In January of 2013 we moved our operations from Lewisberry, Pennsylvania to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Come visit us at our new facility: 207 Hempt Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17050! Our new plant provides us with room to expand our control board repair and replacement services.

    For over 25 years we've supplied controls that protect engines by detecting problems caused by oversight, abuse, neglect, overwork and normal wear & tear. Our Engine Saver© has many hundreds of satisfied users who have saved thousands – in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars – because the Engine Saver did its job and prevented a small developing problem from causing consequential engine damage and lost productivity.

    In Memory of Bob Shaffner
    Chairman/CEO 1937 - 2012


    In 1968 Bob Shaffner and Robert York co-founded Flight Systems Inc. in Mechanicsburg, PA. The company’s earliest products included communications relays, and as an approved NASA supplier Flight Systems’ equipment flew on the Apollo and Skylab missions.

    Throughout the years, Flight Systems has ventured into many areas of electronic controls including those used in forklifts and other electric vehicles, generators, and monitoring/protection for industrial and marine diesel engines. Other successful ventures over the years include an architectural steel fabricating company and cable TV and internet service.