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    56-0679-00: Replacement 12V Engine Control Monitor for Onan 300-0679
    56-0680-00: Replacement 24V Engine Control Monitor for ONAN 300-0680
    56-0681-82: Replacement 12V/24V Engine Control Monitor for ONAN 300-0681, 300-0682
    56-0752-00: Replacement Onan 151-0752 Governor Control
    56-0921/922: Replacement Onan Time Delay Module 300-0921, 0922
    56-0953-03: Aftermarket Onan 305-0953-03 Control
    56-1073-00: Replacement RV Gen Set Control for Onan 300-1073, 300-B944, 300-4950
    56-1073-HA: Onan 300-1073 Harness
    56-1188-00: Replacement for Onan 300-1188 Time Delay Module
    56-1268-00: Replacement VR-21 Regulator Control Board for Onan 332-1268
    56-1413-00: Replacement RV Gen Set Control for Onan 327-1413 and 300-5046
    56-1540-00: Replacement YD Regulator for ONAN 300-1006, 300-1404, 300-1405, 300-1540, 300-1654
    56-1956-00: Replacement VR-21 Regulator Control Board for Onan 332-1956
    56-2045-00: Replacement ONAN 332-2045 VR21 Voltage Regulator
    56-2453-00: Aftermarket Onan 300-2453 Control
    56-2510-00: Replacement Engine Monitor Control for Onan 300-2510
    56-2604-00: Replacement Onan 300-2604 Control Board
    56-2605-00: Replacement Onan 300-2605 Control Board
    56-2784-00: Replacement Control Board for Onan 300-2784, 300-2943
    56-2880-00: Replacement Voltage Regulator for Onan P/N 300-2880
    56-2977-00: Replacement Voltage Regulator for Onan P/N 300-2977
    56-3056-00: Replacement Control Board for Onan 300-3056, 300-3687, 300-3950
    56-3093-00: Replacement OT III Overvoltage Card 300-3093
    56-3094-00: Replacement OT III Time Delay Card 300-3094
    56-3121-00: Replacement OT III Undervoltage Card 300-3121
    56-3763-00: Replacement Generator Control for Onan 300-3763, 300-5268
    56-3763-HA: Onan RV Genset Remote Harness
    56-3764-00: Replacement Control Board for Onan 300-3764, 300-5342
    56-4155-00: Replacement for Onan 300-4155
    56-4296-00: Replacement Control Board for Onan 300-4296, 300-4294, 300-2811, 300-2809, 300-2807
    56-4297-00: Replacement Control Board for Onan 300-4297, 300-4295, 300-2812, 300-2810, 300-2808
    56-4320-00: Replacement Control Board for Onan 300-4320
    56-4323-00: Replacement Onan 300-4323 Coolant Temperature Alarm Board
    56-4901-00: Replacement Generator Circuit Board for Onan 300-4901, 300-5337
    56-4902-00: Replacement Circuit Board for Onan 300-4902 & 300-5276-01
    56-4923-00: Replacement Control Board for ONAN 300-4923
    56-5047-00: Aftermarket Onan 300-5047 Control With Carb and EFI
    56-5299-00: ONAN 300-4456, 300-5299 Replacement
    56-5374-00: Replacement RV Gen Set Control for Onan 300-5374
    56-5961-00: Aftermarket Onan 300-5961 Control
    56-A032Y912-00: Aftermarket Onan A032Y912 Control With Carb and EFI
    Slick Stick Cleaning Tool
    56-C859-00: Replacement Control Board for ONAN 300-C859, 300-0859
    56-Model 305: Replacement Voltage Regulator for ONAN 305-0809-01, 305-0851, 305-0782-01, 305-0830-01
    56-Model 305/2.8: Replacement Voltage Regulator for Onan 305-0897, 305-0809-02, 305-0852, 305-0782-0
    56-Model 305-3: Replacement 50Hz Voltage Regulator for ONAN 305-0809-03, 305-0866
    56-Model 305-5: Replacement for ONAN 305-0809-05 Commercial Gen Set Voltage Regulator
    56-Model 826: Direct-Fit Replacement 305-0826 Voltage Regulator
    56-Model 911: Replacement Onan 305-0911 Commercial Gen Set Voltage Regulator
    Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensor Probe Style
    60-ASMXII-00: Harness for 4-pin CX Cable
    SMXII Replacement Keypad
    72-1500V1-00: Aftermarket Kohler MPAC 1200 and 1500 Replacement GM46324 GM46715
    72-239311-00: Kohler Voltage Regulator
    72-255670-00: Aftermarket Replacement for Kohler C255670 and A269930 Voltage Regulators
    72-278598-00: Aftermarket Kohler Voltage Regulator
    72-336432-00: Aftermarket Kohler A-336432 Replacement
    72-360800-00: Replacement Kohler Voltage Regulator
    72-GM35950-00: Aftermarket Kohler GM35950 MPAC 500 Logic Board
    72-GM64497-00: Aftermarket Kohler DEC3+ 292806, 336415, GM28725, GM64497
    Kohler GM64497 Adaptor
    73-AK473670-01: ASCO 473708 Keypad Replacement
    73-K473670-XXX: Aftermarket ASCO 300 Series Controller
    74-076009-00: Aftermarket Generac 076009ASRV
    74-083089-00: Aftermarket Generac 0830890SRV
    74-0A4087-00: Aftermarket Generac E-Panel
    75-KIT-MX150: MX150/250 Field Service Kit
    77-90353-54: Replacement KASSEC Control Board
    80-DGC-500: Basler DGC-500 Replacement
    300-6058-02: Repair Service for Onan HDK Inverter
    GenClock Exercise Timer
    Model 277EC Engine Idle Limiter
    Model 277LS Life Switch Safety System
    Generator Exercise Monitor
    Model 348 Universal Replacement Voltage Regulator
    G-Man Genset Service Tool
    Replacement Voltage Regulator for Newage SX440, E000-24030, & Onan 305-0824
    Replacement Voltage Regulator for Newage SX460, and ONAN 305-0982
    Model 480 Universal Regulator - Direct Delco H3500 Replacement
    Replacent Voltage Regulator for Basler VR63-4 and Marathon SE100A
    Model 808 Universal Voltage Regulator
    Model SE350 Marathon and Katolite Replacement Voltage Regulator
    Cat VR6 Replacement Regulator