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    Model 277EC Engine Idle Limiter

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      Model 277EC Engine Idle Limiter



      Model 277EC Engine Idle Limiter is designed to help save fuel, reduce engine run hours, and reduce emissions by limiting the time that an engine is permitted to remain idling when the vehicle is parked. The installation of this unit will help to assure compliance with recent enacted laws regulating the allowable idle times of certain classes of vehicles. You will also experience a noticable reduction in fuel consumption and engine run hours.

      How it Works

      A countdown sequence is initiated when the parking brake (or other switch that is ground when engaged) is set OR command signal is received from "Park" position (switch closure to +). If the signal is removed before the time period expires the unit is reset and the engine is not shut down. The unit is connected to the Run, Fuel Pump, or Coil circuit on the engine or the ECM Stop input.

      Emissions Laws

      Emissions laws are becoming more strict concerning engine idling. California, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York have passed legislation limiting the idle times of on-highway and off-highway commercial & industrial vehicles to no more than five minutes. Similar legislation is being implemented in other states. Install this low-cost Model 277EC Engine Idle Limiter and avoid fines - plus save wear & tear, unnecessary emissions & wasted fuel. This cost-effective engine idle limiter will bring you fleet into compliance with these regulations.


      • ECE-Type approved devices can be installed and used on any vehicle in the 50+ ECE countries around the world with NO further tests and NO special permissions required if used for the intended purpose.
      • Complies with Region 1 EPA Mandatory Idle Limit and conforms to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 49.CFR.393
      • Compatible with ECM and non-ECM controlled engines
      • Size: 2.875" (7.5cm) square x 1" (3cm) tall
      • Complies with CAT SEPD0967 Mobile Earthmoving Equipment Automatic Engine Shutoff Systems safety recommendations
      • Available with Mild Weather Option
      • Comes factory pre-set with 5 or 10 minute user adjustable delay
      • Reduces RPM count by millions per year, extends engine life, stops fuel waste
      • Gas or diesel engines, 12v or 24v, manual or automatic transmission
      • Accessory shutdown to save battery
      • 2 year warranty
      • Complies with California Air Resource Board (CARB) idle time limiting regulation
      • Inhibits shutdown during regeneration cycle
      • Quantity discounts available
      • View the fuel savings of a CAT 988 over 4 months before and after the installation of a Model 277EC

      Optional Equipment

      • Mild Weather Option Kit

      With this optional kit installed the Engine Idle Limiter will ONLY work when outside air temperature is between 'the comfort range' of +32°F (0° C) and +80°F (+28° C). Other temperatures are available on special order. When the outside temperature is above or below this ‘comfort range’, the engine will idle as long as the operator desires while the vehicle is unattended to keep heaters & air conditioners operating in the cab. *Please note that only one accessory can be activated per unit. If you use this accessory you cannot also use the Notification and Override Kit.
      Part number: 57-A277-02
      • Notification and Override Kit

      We offer this accessory so the Engine Idle Limiter is in compliance with Caterpillar SEPD0967, which requires an indicator light and an exemption for operator-on-board situations. This kit includes a red indicator light for time-out warning, an operator-on-board inhibit switch, audible alarm, and installation instructions. Attention European Customers: For Worker's Health & Welfare Authority Compliance (BG BAU), this kit must be added to the order. *Please note that only one accessory can be activated per unit. If you use this accessory you cannot also use the Mild Weather Option.
      Part number: 57-A277-14 for 12 Volt Systems & 57-A277-15 for 24 Volt Systems
      • Seat Switch

      This switch can be used to confirm the driver's seat is unoccupied before starting the idle limit period.
      Part number 57-A277-12.
      • Maintenance jumper

      Disables the 277EC when vehicle is being serviced and the engine needs to idle unattended.
      Part number 57-A277-10.
      • 3 Minute Shutdown Version

      Available in either 12 or 24 volts, this version of the Engine Idle Limiter will shut engines down after 3 minutes of idling time. This complies with Delaware, Connecticut, and DC Idling limits.
      Order Model 277EC-3.

      Attention Fleet Owners: We're willing to have our Engine Idle Limiter prove how much you can save in your application. Contact the sales team and arrange for a demo unit.

      Customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East please contact Sell Electronics GmbH