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    G-Man Genset Service Tool

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      SKU: MODEL-360
      G-Man Genset Service Tool

      This product is no longer available for purchase. Replacement harnessses and adapters are still available by contacting us.
      This page is here for product support only.

      The G-MAN® is a portable piece of test equipment that will help generator service technicians drastically reduce troubleshooting time.

      It does this by pinpointing problems and eliminating time-consuming guesswork.

      The RV gen set troubleshooting process is complicated by the fact that most modern RV controls prevent operation when there is a defect. While this is desirable for safety and protection of the equipment, it makes troubleshooting frustrating and difficult. Often, a technician is forced to become a "parts changer." This approach can run up the bill pretty fast and is not effective for certain kinds of defects.

      What makes the G-MAN® unique is its ability to plug in to the generator's control system and become a part of it, instead of being a circuit board or component tester. This technique, called testing by exception, lets the G-MAN assume and emulate the functionality of the part of the system being evaluated, even if defects are present.

      In addition to emulating the functionality of potentially failed components, the G-MAN provides access to 16 key points so that voltage and resistance measurements can be made safely and easily. The G-MAN can also test generator windings for continuity & grounds, something a meter alone cannot do.

      The G-MAN® is housed in a handy carrying case along with its test harnesses and operating instructions. It is backed by a 2-Year warranty.
      By means of interchangeable control board adapters, the G-MAN® can test over 35 of the most common Onan® RV Gen Set Models and their various spec levels. For ease of identification, the last four digits of the adapter harness part number will usually match the last four digits of the control board number.

      The Model 360 G-Man is no longer available.

      Package Contents

      Every kit contains:
      • One G-MAN unit
      • One Model 305 regulator
      • One user manual
      • Two banana patch cords
      This package gives you access to some early Emerald sets.
      It contains:
      • Two harnesses (56-A360-3056, 56-A360-3763)

      The Works
      This package gives you access to all Emerald sets, all Marquis sets, all Microquiet/Microlite sets, all Quiet Gasoline sets (except HGJBB), and all early spec carbureted Marquis Gold sets.
      It contains:
      • Everything included in the basic package
      • Seven harnesses (56-A360-2784, 56-A360-3764, 56-A360-4155, 56-A360-4320, 56-A360-4901, 56-A360-5299, 56-A360-5374)

      This package gives you access to all supported gensets, including Commercial Emerald series units, Commercial Mobile Marquis sets, and later spec carbureted Marquis Gold sets.
      It contains:
      • Everything included in the Basic package
      • Everything included in the Works package
      • Two commercial series harnesses (56-A360-5047C, 56-A360-5002)
      G-MAN Quick Start Guide
      G-MAN User Manual

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