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    Model 480 Universal Regulator - Direct Delco H3500 Replacement

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      Purchase Model 480 Universal Regulator - Direct Delco H3500 Replacement

      SKU: MODEL-480
      Model 480 Universal Regulator - Direct Delco H3500 Replacement



      Designed and built by Flight Systems - with over 35 years of generator control service experience and tech support. We know what fails and why.

      Compare our Universal Voltage Regulator to regulators from Onan®Basler®Katolite®Newage®Delco®, and Marathon®.

      The Model 480 Universal Regulator is designed to replace many obsolete, hard to get and/or expensive regulators found on older AC generators (alternators), with or without brushless exciters, up to approximately 200 KVA in size, within its field output ratings. It is easily retrofitted because of its small size and simplicity of connection, usually only four wires and sometimes five. By means of jumper-selectable voltage programming, the Model 480 covers virtually all voltages from 100 to 480 VAC, 50 or 60Hz, on single and three phase systems. The Model 480 comes with a 2 year warranty and has another huge advantage, it's fully repairable. Most other replacement Automatic Voltage Regulators (and most OE's) are throw-away's.
      This is the one to stock.
      • Replaces Delco H3500
      • Works with brushless exciters or conventional-field AC generators
      • Works with 2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire, single or 3-phase generators
      • Separate voltage sensing permits greater flexibility in application
      • Voltage regulation is typically +/- 1% in most applications
      • Automatic voltage reduction during under-frequency operation
      • Under frequency (under speed) LED indicator
      • Field output rated at 15-90 VDC, 5A max. Field resistance 15-500 Ohms
      • Soft-start feature prevents sudden torque loads on engine and drive
      • Automatic startup on 5 VAC residual voltage - no field flash required
      • Adjustments for Voltage, Stability, and Voltage/Frequency Ramp
      • Provision to connect external voltage-adjust potentiometer
      • Protected by user-replaceable international standard (5x20mm) fuse
      • Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) voltage spike suppression rated at 575V
      • Heavy-duty electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter
      • Barrier strip with screw terminal connections for safety and reliability
      • Overall size 3.50" W x 5.75" L x 2.26" H.
      • Four hole mounting