Model 808 Universal Voltage Regulator

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Product Summary

The Model 808 is an automatic voltage regulator designed to replace more expensive 125 volt regulators up to 7 amps. Its circuitry is encapsulated to protect from vibration and moisture by automotive grade urethane; unlike hard epoxy-sealed VRs, this promotes superior heat transfer and allows the Model 808 to be fully rebuildable. The power module is replaceable. It can replace the Basler KR7 Series in certain applications - please call FS Tech Service for details.

This product is intended for installation by professional electricians/generator service technicians.

Replacing a Delco H1800 series? Please call Flight Systems Tech Support (717 590 7330) to discuss application before ordering.


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Replaces Basler and Delco Regulators

  • Basler: SR8-A, KR7FF, APR125-5
  • Delco: 3H18020A
  • NOTE: call to verify voltage before purchasing
  • Guaranteed by a 2 year warranty
  • Built by Flight Systems

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