Model 540 Replacement Genset Engine Control Panel

Model 540
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Product Summary

Control AND Protection for Automatic Gen Sets & Other Standby Engines – The perfect solution for obsolete or unreliable controls on older units and a great choice for new gen set packagers!

The Flight Systems Model 540 Replacement Genset Control Panel combines into one compact unit all of the functions normally required to implement an engine control and protection system for fully automatic generator sets and other standby engines. Thousands of these durable units remain in service since introduced in the late 1980s.

When replacing a controller that is no longer available, why settle for less features than those on the original by installing an "economy" generic controller with minimal fault alarms or protection?

Don't be stuck with an "orphan" – our controller can be still be repaired even 10 years after the warranty has expired! Join the list of satisfied repeat customers who know the Model 540 is THE solution for their controller requirements.

Superior Engineering and Superior Value Offering

  • Fully Adjustable Cycle Cranking
  • 5-Parameter Engine Protection: Oil Level, Coolant Level, Oil Pressure, Coolant Pressure and Overspeed
  • Ignition/Fuel and Starter Relays
  • Adjustable Cool Down Timer
  • Adaptable to most existing transfer switches
  • When used with atransfer switch, can turn stand-alone gen sets into stand-by units with remote alarms
  • Custom Labeling and Pre-Calibration available for Manufacturers

Remote Annunciator Display Panel

Factory Direct: $139


  • Manual or fully automatic remote operation via single contact closure.
  • Usable on all gasoline, LP gas and diesel engines
  • Separately adjustable cranking and waiting time with 1 to 5 cranking cycles
  • Automatic crank termination at user set RPM.
  • Safety starter lockout 15 seconds after engine starts to protect ring gear
  • Programmable tachometer circuit accepts RPM signals from 4 sources: flywheel pickup, battery charging alternator, main alternator or tachometer generator
  • Engine protection consisting of: oil level, coolant level, oil pressure, coolant temperature and overspeed. Low oil or coolant level prevents starting
  • 2 user-assigned alarm inputs can activate alarm and prevent starting
  • 12 colored on-board status and diagnostic indicators speed system checkout and troubleshooting
  • All circuit and indicator functions clearly marked on front of cover. Wiring diagram on inside of cover
  • Remote status and alarm outputs for driving LED or incandescent indicators, audible alarms or relays. Compatible with all control panels.
  • Nine outputs include: overspeed, overcrank, engine running and delayed engine running
  • Simple front screw terminal wiring without special tools. After wiring, the two 14-pin connectors are easily unplugged for service
  • 12 or 24 volt operation guaranteed down to 7 volts without "drop out". Overvoltage and polarity reversal protected
  • Isolated 5 amp relay outputs for Ignition/fuel and Starter circuits
  • All low heat, solid-state logic
  • Cooldown timer (adjustable 1-10 min.) is automatically activated in the remote mode
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Factory repair available for out-of-warranty units.
  • Compact Profile - Dimensions:  11.75" L x 7.125" W x 2" H

Manuals and Downloads

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