Model 361 Point-MAN RV Generator Service Tool

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Product Summary

For quick Onan® Gen Set troubleshooting, the sensible solution is the new Point-MAN RV Regulator Breakout Box. The Point-MAN simply plugs in between the generator and the regulator giving you easy access to eight key circuits needed for effective regulator troubleshooting.

It provides the necessary circuit access while your multi-meter does the rest. The Point-MAN is quite simple and contains no electronics or batteries.

Note: Some tests require a multi-meter that has diode, capacitance, and frequency (Hz) ranges.

SAVE TIME and get the job done faster! RV generator servicing can be both frustrating and time-consuming. Many times this is because the circuit points you need to access to do measurements or tests are located in a crowded space, not plainly marked and/or obscured by RTV or dirt. This leaves you guessing as you try to read tiny numbers, stab around on the rear of connectors, or try to penetrate the insulation of wires (not recommended).


Models that use the 305-0911 regulator (Model BGD spec J and up OR Model NHD spec J and up) require an adapter kit (56-A360-0911G OR 56-A360-0911R). When purchased with the Point-MAN, this adapter kit is included for a total price of $199.00.


The manual supplied with the Point-MAN gives concise easy-to-follow instructions for performing all of the tests below along with sample readings and how to interpret them for troubleshooting generator problems.

Point-MAN (with a digital multi-meter) can safely:

  • Check resistance of all windings
  • Check isolation between windings
  • Check isolation between windings and ground
  • Check field flash diode in regulator
  • Check free-wheeling diode in regulator
  • Check bridge rectifier and capacitor in regulator
  • Measure regulator capacitor voltage and ripple voltage
  • Check regulator under-speed voltage protection
  • Measure generator output voltage and frequency
  • Measure quadrature stator output voltage
  • Measure regulator field output voltage
  • Measure field flash voltage
  • Externally flash or excite the field using the generator’s 12V battery

Works with:

  • Emerald BGD – Spec A – H
  • Emerald BGD – Spec J – later (requires adapter)
  • Emerald BGE – Spec F & later
  • Emerald BGEL – Spec E & later
  • Emerald NHD – Spec A – H
  • Emerald NHD – Spec J – later (requires adapter)
  • Emerald NHE – Spec D & later
  • Emerald NHEL – Spec D & later
  • Marquis BGM – Spec A & later
  • Marquis NHM – Spec A & later
  • Microlite KV – Spec A & later
  • Microlite KY – Spec A – H
  • Camp Power KVD – Spec A

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