Model 360 G-MAN® Onan® RV Gen Set Service Tool

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Product Summary

The G-MAN® is a portable piece of test equipment that will help generator service technicians drastically reduce troubleshooting time. It does this by pinpointing problems and eliminating time-consuming guesswork.

The RV gen set troubleshooting process is complicated by the fact that most modern RV controls prevent operation when there is a defect. While this is desirable for safety and protection of the equipment, it makes troubleshooting frustrating and difficult. Often, a technician is forced to become a "parts changer." This approach can run up the bill pretty fast and is not effective for certain kinds of defects.

What makes the G-MAN® unique is its ability to plug in to the generator's control system and become a part of it, instead of being a circuit board or component tester. This technique, called testing by exception, lets the G-MAN assume and emulate the functionality of the part of the system being evaluated, even if defects are present.

In addition to emulating the functionality of potentially failed components, the G-MAN provides access to 16 key points so that voltage and resistance measurements can be made safely and easily. The G-MAN can also test generator windings for continuity & grounds, something a meter alone cannot do.

The G-MAN® is housed in an attaché-style carrying case along with its test harnesses and operating instructions. It is backed by a 2-Year warranty. By means of interchangeable control board adapters, the G-MAN® can test over 35 of the most common Onan® RV Gen Set Models and their various spec levels.


Free Model 305 Test Unit provided with each G-MAN. Dealer/Service Shop prices shown below.

The "Basic" Package: $645

Includes adapters for 300-3056 & 300-3763 control boards. Test RV gen set models:

  • Emerald BGE F-M
  • BGEL E-M
  • NHE D-G
  • NHEL D-G
  • Marquis BGM A
  • NHM A
  • Totalling 35 gen set models

The "Works" Package: $999

Includes the "Basic" package adapters and 7 additional adapters. For gen sets containing: 327-1413, 300-2784, 300-3056, 300-3763, 300-3764, 300-4155, 300-4320, 300-4901, 300-5299, 300-5374. Tests all models shown above plus:

  • Emerald BGE A-E, N & up
  • BGEL A-D, N & up
  • NHE A-C
  • Marquis BGM B-G
  • NHM B-G
  • Microlite KV C-F
  • KY A-H
  • KY J-L
  • Camp Power KVC-A, KVD-A, KYD-A
  • Commercial-Mobile Gen Set HGJAB Spec A-D
  • Marquis Gold Mobile Gen Set HGJAC Spec A-C
  • Total of 90 gen set models

The "Ultimate" Package: $1,199

Includes the "Works" package plus 2 additional adapters. Tests all models shown above plus:

  • Emerald Commercial BDG Spec J & up
  • NHD Spec J & up
  • Marquis Gold Mobile Gen Set HGJAE, HGJAF Spec A-C (carbureted units only)
  • Marquis Gold Mobile Gen Set HGJAB Spec J and up (carbureted units only)
  • Marquis Gold Mobile Gen Set HGJAD Spec J and up (carbureted units only)

Additional adapters are also sold individually:

  • Emerald BGE Spec A-E, N & up; BGEL Spec A-D; NHE A-C, NHEL A-C – 56-A360-2784: $70
  • Marquis BGM Spec B-G; NHM Spec B-G – 56-A360-3764: $80
  • Microlite KY Spec A (Gas & LP) – 56-A360-4155: $55
  • Microlite KY Spec B-H (Gas & LP) – 56-A360-4320: $50
  • Emerald BGEL Spec N & up – 56-A360-4901: $65
  • Microlite KV Spec C-F (Gas & LP); Camp Power KVC, KVD, KYD Spec A – 56-A360-5299: $60
  • Marquis Gold Mobile Gen Set HGJAB Spec A-E, HGJAC Spec A-C – 56-A360-5374: $110

If you service "Commercial" versions of Onan gen sets, we have these adapaters available:

  • 56-A360-5047C Marquis Gold Commercial (carbureted only) HGJAB, HGJAD, HJGAE, HGJAF: $100
  • 56-A360-5002 Emerald Commercial BGD Spec J & up; NHD Spec J& up: $215

Also available is the Universal "Pigtail" Adapter – test older generators without plug-in control boards. It allows you to power the G-MAN® and connect to each control circuit as needed for on-vehicle testing of gen sets or bench testing of stators, rotors & components using the on-board megger.

Manuals and Downloads

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