Model 326 Power Failure Detector

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Product Summary

Have you ever returned home from a trip to find your electronics turned off, your clocks flashing "12:00", and a mess in your freezer? Obviously there was a power outage while you were away but you don't know when or for how long!

If you have a stand-by power system (generator and transfer switch), it may not have done its job. Perhaps you own a small business where a prolonged power loss could be damaging to your operation. Wouldn't you like to know when the power is off while you are away? Now you can.

You can receive a phone call after the power has been off for a pre-selected amount of time. If you'd like you can also receive another phone call when the power comes back on.

These features (and more) are available when the Model 326 Power Failure Detector is connected to an automatic telephone dialer such as the AD-2001 (Order Flight Systems P/Ns 56-A325-11 and 56-A325-12).


  • Can be used with or without a standby power source (generator)
  • Monitors the LOAD side of the transfer switch and warns of power loss
  • Connects easily to any automatic telephone dialer or alarm system
  • Operates during a total power loss. No backup battery required.
  • Powers the dialer and keeps the dialer's backup battery charged
  • No separate AC power adapter ("wall wart") required
  • Ignores momentary power interruptions and "brown outs"
  • Alarm time delay adjustable from 0.6 to 6.0 minutes (an additional 3.3 minutes of delay can be programmed into the dialer)
  • Resets automatically when power returns
  • Double isolated, latching relay outputs: 1 form C, 1 form A, 1 Amp
  • Green LED "Power On" indicator
  • Screw-clamp type terminal blocks for ease of wiring
  • 120/240 VAC, 50-60 Hz operation

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