Model 325 Generator Exercise Monitor

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Product Summary

The Model 325 GEM is a low cost but valuable addition to any standby power system because it enhances system reliability by monitoring the "Exercise" cycle. The alarm options possible with the Model 325 make it ideally suited for remote site applications.

Every standby power unit must be exercised regularly in order to remain healthy and be ready to respond to any emergency. The exercise cycle is normally performed weekly by an automatic timer that is part of the generator controls. However, many generators do not monitor the exercise cycle and warn if it does not take place as scheduled. Since personnel are not normally present when the generator runs, the only way to tell is to record the reading of the running time meter weekly. This is inconvenient and expensive at remote sites.

The Flight Systems Model 325 Generator Exercise Monitor is specifically designed to solve this problem in a simple and cost-effective way. The Model 325 monitors the exercise cycle on a weekly basis to make sure that the generator actually ran and produced voltage. Indicators on the unit show the status as simply "Exercise OK" or "Exercise Failed". These indications can be remotely displayed at another location, if desired. An alarm relay output is provided for connection to any alarm system or automatic telephone dialer. The GEM is easy to install and is independent of the existing generator controls.

The Model 325 GEM can be used with any size generator on 115 V, 208 V and 230 V, single or three-phase. Required connections are to the utility power and the generator.

Available accessories include an exercise timer, a remote status indicator panel, a NEMA 4 enclosure and, a two zone automatic telephone dialer with voice message, pager and listen-in capability.

The unit is AC line powered but is protected against memory loss by a standard 9-volt battery. Minimum exercise time periods from 2.3 to 72 minutes may be selected. The unit remembers from week to week if the exercise cycle has been successfully completed and indicates the exercise status as "EX OK" or "EX FAILED". These indications can also be displayed on an optional remote indicator that fits in a standard outlet box and uses low voltage wiring.

The generator can respond to a power failure or be run for maintenance at any time without disturbing the exercise monitoring function. A built-in self-test feature permits maintenance personnel to verify proper operation of all functions of the unit. In the self-test mode, a week of monitoring is accelerated to less than one minute of real time.

NOTE: The unit will not tell you if the generator failed to start in an actual power failure situation. It will respond only to a failed exercise cycle. A built-in self-test feature permits the user or a service person to verify proper operation of all functions of the unit. In the self-test mode, a week of monitoring is accelerated to less than one minute of real time.


  • Low cost
  • Easy to install - no connections to generator controls.
  • Line powered, battery backed (standard 9V) for power outages.
  • Covers 115V, 208V, and 230V single phase & 208/230V three phase.
  • Selectable minimum exercise times from 2.3 to 72 minutes.
  • Complete self-test function with continuous status indication.
  • Grace period of 7.6 hrs. allows for exerciser inaccuracy.
  • Manual and automatic reset.
  • Surge protected.
  • Generator can be run without disturbing exercise-monitoring cycle.
  • Optional Remote Status Indicator mounts in any standard outlet box.
  • Remote status wiring is low voltage (12V) - safe & inexpensive
  • Relay (SPDT) or voltage output for connection to alarm systems/dialers
  • Optional weatherproof enclosure available.

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