Kohler® Aftermarket Parts – Improved Replacement Controls by Flight Systems

GM64497 replacementOur new replacement controls are backed by a two year warranty and are made in the USA

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Flight Systems replacement Kohler Generator and ATS Parts are warranted to be free of defects for TWO YEARS from date of purchase. (Damage caused by voltage spikes, lightning strikes, improper installation, alteration, and failure to maintain generator to factory specs is not covered.)

Improved Aftermarket Replacements for Kohler Controls and Voltage Regulators

OEM Part # Description Flight Systems Part Number Price
F-228602 VOLTAGE REGULATOR 72-239311-00 $395
F-228605 VOLTAGE REGULATOR 72-278598-00 $395
C-255670 VOLTAGE REGULATOR 72-255670-00 $195
A-269930 VOLTAGE REGULATOR 72-255670-00 $195
239311 VOLTAGE REGULATOR 72-239311-00 $395
278598 VOLTAGE REGULATOR 72-278598-00 $395
(adaptor included in price)
72-GM64497-00 $720
336415 DECISION MAKER BOARD 72-GM64497-00 $695
A-336432 INDICATOR BOARD 72-336432-00 $245
A-360800 VOLTAGE REGULATOR, FR2 RMS 72-360800-00 $495
GM28725 DECISION MAKER BOARD 72-GM64497-00 $695
GM35950 MPAC 500 LOGIC BOARD 72-GM35950-00 $319
GM64497 DECISION MAKER BOARD 72-GM64497-00 $695
GM94331 DECISION MAKER BOARD KIT 72-GM64497-00 $695