Grasslin Digital Programmable Generator Exercise Timer

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Factory Direct: 120v: $140, 24v: $148

Product Summary

The FM1D20A can accept up to 20 “on” and “off” events in a week. Typically only one “on” and one “off” event is required for generator exercise use. The duration of the exercise period is simply the elapsed time between the “on” event and the “off” event. After installation, the timer is programmed with the following steps.

  • Initial reset after powering on.
  • Select AM/PM or 24-hour (military) time.
  • Set the time of day (includes standard/daylight option).
  • Set the exercise start time.
  • Set the exercise stop time.
  • Verify settings.

Settings may be changed or deleted at any time. Programmed information will be retained for a minimum of 4 days without power. Please refer to the enclosed instruction sheet for details of programming steps, verification, and the meaning of the display icons.


  • Ideal choice as a generator exercise timer
  • Low cost
  • Easy programming
  • Reliability
  • Extended memory protection (4 days battery backup).