Aftermarket Generac® E-Panel
Controller 0A4087 Replacement

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Product Summary

Flight Systems is now offering a new GenStart model controller that is an exact drop-in replacement for the popular Generac E-Panel controller (0A4087). It mounts in the original panel cut-out with the original clamps and the original harness plugs right in. No wiring changes are needed. Set-up is fast and easy using the front panel controls.

The enhanced graphics display uses icons to identify parameters thereby saving space and improving readability in all lighting conditions. Four LED indicators show "Power", "Not-in Auto", "Com Alarm" and "Gen Run." The key switch has been replaced by an electronic PIN-accessible lockout. The added audible alarm sounds for alarms and "Not-in Auto." A real-time clock has also been added to facilitate automatic exercise of the generator (usually weekly) and timestamped data logging.

The serial communications port (DB-9 connector) selector switch has been eliminated. The serial port defaults to RS-485 for the annunciator panel, but it is easily toggled to RS-232 (for GenLink® or modem) by means of the front panel controls. The Generac GenLink® communications protocol is fully supported so that the GenStart controller settings may be changed by that means, if desired. Our GenStart controller is fully compatible with the Generac 20-light remote annunciator panel (0A6388) as well as the Generac 8-channel relay panel (0A9036). This new GenStart controller is proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


  • Exact drop-in replacement for Generac E-Panel controller (0A4087)
  • User friendly, easier access to information
  • Enhanced graphics display with icons; visible day or night
  • More information displayed on each screen
  • LED indicators for Power, Not-in- Auto, Com Alarm and Gen Run
  • Electronic PIN-accessible lockout replaces key switch
  • Audible alarm
  • Real-time clock
  • Automatic, programmable self-exercise
  • Timestamped event logging
  • Communications port selection (RS232/RS485) from front panel
  • GenLink® version 1.0 (via RS-232) is supported
  • Compatible with Generac 20-light Remote Annunciator Panel (0A6388)
  • Compatible with Generac 8-Channel Relay Panel (0A9036)

Optional Features

  • Battery backup for the real-time clock
  • Canbus 2.0 (IEEE J-1939) interface
Flight Systems' manufactured products are made in the USA