GE Zenith® Automatic Transfer Switch Controls Repair Service

Please contact us for a price quote and estimated turn-around-time. Turn-around-time may vary depending on current in-house workload. Repairs come backed with a one year warranty covering parts and our labor.

Ge Zenith 50p2000 MX50 Repair Service

This is a full board rebuilding service – we'll check every input and output for proper operation, repair or replace those parts which don't measure up, and add surge suppression to the microprocessor (something the original design lacks). This helps prevent future failures due to surges and lightning strikes.



  • Step 1 - Fill out and print our shipping label.
  • Step 2 - Ship your regulator or control board to us.
  • Step 3 - You will be contacted when your repairs have been completed and to arrange payment and return shipping.


  • Rebuilding service for MX50, MX60, MX100, MX150, MX200, and MX250 controls
  • Repairs and upgrades for defective, obsolete, out of production, or current Zenith and GE Zenith single and 3 phase low voltage automatic transfer switch microprocessor controls.
  • TEST ONLY - There is a test fee of $35(slightly higher for complex ATS controls). Boards received that test as "NTF" (No Trouble Found) are charged this fee.
  • Factory Direct Prices Shown - RE-SELLERS (Gen Set, Marine & RV Dealers/Distributors/Repair Shops) call for your Discounted Pricing!
  • "P" = PLUS PARTS. Required components totaling over $5 are an extra charge and will be itemized on the invoice. Other required components and material are included in the rebuild price at no extra charge.

Repairable Part Numbers

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OEM Part # Description Factory Direct Rebuild Price


50P-2000 Control Board $275  
50P-2006 Control Board $275  
50P-2008 Control Board $275  
50P-2012 Control Board $350  
50P-2013 Control Board $350  
50P-2014 Control Board $350  
  Individual 3-phase Transformer Boards $75  
  Older Control/Display Panel (with discrete components) $85  


50P-3000 Control Board $275  
50P-3001 Control Board $275  
50P-3002 Control Board $275  
50P-3003 Control Board $275  
50P-3011 MX60 TRANSFORMER BOARD $100  
50P-3031 Control Board $350  
50P-3032 Control Board $350  
50P-3033 Control Board $350  
  Individual 3-phase Transformer Boards $75  


A major problem with MX100 units are that the push-button switches are mounted improperly in the front membrane panel. This can cause erratic operation. Please send the front panel along with control for repair and we'll adjust the spacing for perfect operation.

50P-1044 Control Board $350  
50P-1053 Control Board $350 Defective pots are replaced with upgraded units for significantly increased reliability  
  Optional 50P-1053 pot repair service $400 All pots are replaced with upgraded units  
50P1093 Control Board $350  
And many variants


The common failures are loss of sensing on the utility input and microprocessor lock-ups. The microprocessor lock-up is caused by poor ground connections between the transfer switch and the control board. Once the grounding problem is corrected, unplug the MX150 for a minute then plug it back in and it will return to normal operation.

50P-1138 Control Board $350 plus display if needed  
50P-1158 Control Board $350  
And many variants
NEW! Now offered are replacement membranes! They can be sent as a kit if needed or send us your Control and we will replace it for a worry free fit. Call 717-590-7330, ask for Troy  


All variants $350  


50P-1200 Control Board Used in Assembly 50P-1224 $200  
50P-1201 Control Board Used in Assembly 50P-1225 $200  
50P-1202 Control Board Used in Assembly 50P-1226 $200  
50P-1203 Control Board Used in Assembly 50P-1227 $200  
50P-1204 Control Board Used in Assembly 50P-1228 $200  
50P-1205 Control Board Used in Assembly 50P-1229 $200  
50P-1206 Control Board Used in Assembly 50P-1230 $200  
50P-1207 Control Board Used in Assembly 50P-1231 $200  


50P-1011 RT box - ZTSL, 460/480V $200