Delco® Regulator Rebuilding Services

Please contact us for a price quote and estimated turn-around-time. Turn-around-time may vary depending on current in-house workload. Repairs come backed with a one year warranty covering parts and our labor.

300-4296 replacement


  • Step 1 - Fill out and print our shipping label.
  • Step 2 - Ship your regulator or control board to us.
  • Step 3 - You will be contacted when your repairs have been completed and to arrange payment and return shipping.


  • Most of the Delco regulators we used to service are around 30 years old and have several obsolete components. As a result, hardly any can be rebuilt and the older Delco units were eliminated from our program.
  • TEST ONLY - There is a test fee of $35(slightly higher for complex ATS controls). Boards received that test as "NTF" (No Trouble Found) are charged this fee.
  • Factory Direct Prices Shown - RE-SELLERS (Gen Set, Marine & RV Dealers/Distributors/Repair Shops) call for your Discounted Pricing!
  • "P" = PLUS PARTS. Required components totaling over $5 are an extra charge and will be itemized on the invoice. Other required components and material are included in the rebuild price at no extra charge.

Repairable Part Numbers

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OEM Part # Description Factory Direct Rebuild Price
H3500 REGULATOR $125  
2H3500 REGULATOR $125  
3H3500 REGULATOR $125  
H3500 Direct Replacement Model 480 Regulator $199  
H1800 Direct Replacement Model 808 Regulator $275