Standard Kit with Ethernet Connection: $775

Ethernet plus WiFi: $875

Ethernet plus Cellular: $995

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Product Summary

The Model 328 GenPulse will monitor your standby and utility power and send you notifications via email and SMS text. The notifications can include power failures, the generator failed to exercise, the generator exercise was successful, the generator failed to transfer power, and the GenPulse will send a report when power has been restored. You have the option of using two additional analog inputs and four digital inputs to monitor other generator functions such as pressure, temperature, fuel, common alarm, and more. The GenPulse includes two relay outputs that can be activated from any PC or smart phone to perform functions such as remote start, reset, or to engage and disengage electronic locks on your generator. The GenPulse will support 3-phase generator and utility power sensing. The GenPulse was designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. You can configure the GenPulse during the installation, or you can contact Flight Systems with your specifications and we will program your unit remotely. The GenPulse modem comes in three different configurations: Cellular ($12 monthly fee), WiFi, or Ethernet. You also have the option to use your own modem if it communicates via Modbus.


  • Get email or SMS text alerts on your mobile device
  • Available in cellular, WiFi, and Ethernet modem configurations
  • Three phase generator and utility power sensing
  • Adjustable exercise time and monitoring cycles
  • USB communications port
  • Two inputs for analog sensors
  • Four inputs for digital inputs
  • Two programmable relays
  • RS485 Comm Port
  • Auxiliary Power Output
  • 8.4VDC lithium backup battery and charger
  • Load side power detection: 90-277VAC
  • Monitor generator, utility, and power failure
  • The GenPulse can be used with third party modems if they communicate via Modbus
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Generator status
  • Run hours
  • Exercise cycles
  • Remote start your generator via a website interface
Flight Systems' manufactured products are made in the USA