Model 555 6 Input Alarm Monitor

Factory Direct: $230 | 12v or 24v Versions Available

Product Summary

The Model 555 consists of six identical channels that accept a switch closure or a voltage from various sensing devices to represent an alarm condition. The switch may be normally open or normally closed. It may switch to negative or to +12 or +24 VDC. Each of the six channels may be programmed independently to meet the needs of each individual sensing device. Each channel has a time delay to prevent false tripping. Faults are latched and displayed on individual indicators, which remain illuminated until the unit is reset. Alarm monitoring may be continuous, or enabled by an external enable signal. The unit may be programmed for "multi any faults trip" or "exclusive first fault trip" modes of operation.

Also features a remote enable/disable command for starting and stopping the alarm monitoring period. This allows the option of monitoring only when an engine is above idle and no alarms on normal shutdown.

Engine Alarm Application

The 555 permits any single alarm input to handle up to six different switch-type sensors or voltage inputs. A unique programming feature on each of the six channels allows any type of switch arrangement to be used. The 555 is used as a stand-alone alarm monitor or connected to a master alarm input or panel. Multiple 555's may be connected for 12 or 18 channels.


  • Six input channels with individual red fault indicators with a short time delay to prevent accidental trips
  • Programmable inputs accept any type of digital sensor producing a positive or negative voltage at the terminals
  • Latched alarms "remember" the fault until the unit is reset
  • Any-and-All trip or first trip modes of operation
  • Monitoring can be enabled 2 ways – with power on or separately
  • Separate "Power" and "Enabled" green status indicators
  • Alarm output feeds aux alarm, Engine Saver or remote annunciator
  • Removable 14-pin screw terminal connector accepts wires directly
  • Multiple 555's may be "chained" to obtain 12 or 18 channels
  • Rugged black anodized aluminum case
  • Space provided on case labels for user's data

Manuals and Downloads

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