Model 1550 Engine Cost Saver

Buy Factory Direct: $585

Product Summary

New to our engine protection line up is our Engine Cost Saver. Combining our proven engine monitoring and idle limiting technology, the Model 1550 adds fuel savings to the benefits of our engine monitoring and protection product line.

The Model 1550 has connections for up to 4 analog transducers and a magnetic pickup. It will accept transducers with a resistance of up to 250 ohms or sensors with an output voltage of 0-5vdc.

The Engine Cost Saver is easily programmable via a connected PC; it is rugged, low cost, weather-resistant, and can mount anywhere on the vehicle. Alarm points are set up and monitored on a PC/laptop.

Flight Systems has 30 years experience in providing engine monitoring and protection in the most hostile operating conditions on earth!

Model 1550 Control Unit includes:
Built-in crankcase pressure sensor
Software CD
Printed manual
12’ pre-wired harness with connector


57-1550-01 Four Transducer set – $360 Factory Direct
Includes Turbo boost, Oil Pressure, Coolant Pressure, and Temp Sensor (not needed if there are existing on-engine sensors providing 0-5V or 0-200 Ohm output)

57-A995-03 Magnetic pickup RPM sensor – $128 Factory Direct
Sense RPM via flywheel ring gear teeth (not needed in most installations – RPM signal is usually available from the R terminal on the alternator)

57-1550-02 Remote Light Bar – $235 Factory Direct
With 15’ interconnecting cable for cab mounting. PC connections via USB.



  • Saves fuel – has a user selectable built-in idle limiter with green ‘feature active’ indicator that will shut the engine down if left idling unattended for more than 5 minutes
  • Reduces wear – has a user selectable built-in cool down feature with green ‘feature active’ indicator which allows a hot turbo to cool down by initiating a 40 second idle period before completely shutting down
  • Works with most existing engine sensors
  • Protects against overheating damage – monitors both coolant pressure and coolant temperature and will alarm on low coolant pressure or high coolant temperature. Immediately detects leaky or blown head gaskets, radiator clogs, or broken water pump impellers
  • Protects against high oil consumption caused by worn or broken rings – built-in programmable crankcase pressure sensor monitors blow-by and will light the red indicator on excessive crankcase pressure
  • Allows “live” monitoring of engine parameters as well as trip point settings on a PC (see sample screen) via a USB port on the unit. This screen view can also be shared worldwide anywhere via an internet connected PC


Flight Systems' manufactured products are made in the USA