Temperature, RPM, and Pressure Sensors

Field proven to be tough, reliable, and accurate, these sensors can be relied on to provide repeatable results year after year while operating in the toughest Industrial environments. The temperature and RPM sensors are designed and produced by Flight Systems. The pressure sensor is modified and upgraded by Flight Systems.

Temperature Sensors

All-weather Indoor-Outdoor Probe Temperature Sensor

oil absorbing pads

It comes with a 13' sun (UV) resistant cable and supplied with a Mate-N-Lok® 2-pin connector and mating half ready mounting clip/shield ground. NTC, 8.5K ohms at +25ºC or NTC, 8.5K ohms at +77°C. Call for pricing.

Temperature/Resistance graphic

Negative Co-efficient Temperature Sensor

Negative Temperature Co-efficient Temperature Sensor

This high precision temperature sensor features a solid brass housing. Overall length is 2". Sensor is internally potted to provide long lasting protection from the elements. This temperature sensor uses a negative temperature co-efficient with a resistance of 30K ohms at 25°C. Resistance reached 500 ohms at 150°C. Tolerance is restricted to +/-0.2°C. Call for pricing.

  • Solid brass housing with 1 1/2" insertion length. Provides reliable and accurate thermal transfer.
  • 1/2" 14 NPT threads to fit many common applications

Temperature/Resistance graphic

RPM Sensors

High Output Screw-in Magnetic Pickup/RPM Sensor

4" Magnetic pick-up/RPM sensor

Easily run several instruments simultaneously. This is a variable reluctance sensor with a built-in magnet in a threaded stainless steel case, supplied with nut, 2-pin connector and mating half, and 4 page Theory of Operation and Instructions booklet. Output .5VRMS @ .100" max clearance distance (.050" is typical clearance distance). These come in two lengths – 3" and 4". Thread size is 5/8-18UNF. This is the best of its type. Call for pricing.

Voltage Waveform diagram

Pressure Sensors

Corrosion-proofed, Rugged 1 3/4" Diameter Variable Resistance Low Pressure Sensors

Indoor/Outdoor Probe style Temperature Sensor

Available in 2 versions (0-30 PSI and 0-75 PSI), each with 1/4 NPT fitting and 2-spade terminal output isolated case. .5ohms to 200 ohms increasing resistance with increasing pressure. These start out life as a VDO commercial sensor. We rework each one adding internal bellows corrosion resistance, added relief to the pressure hole for better self-cleaning, and a corrosion resistant exterior finish. Call for pricing.

0-30 PSI Resistance/Pressure graph

0-75 PSI Resistance/Pressure graph